Hello, we are  

PROJECT /ˈprɒdʒɛkt/noun: an individual or collaborative enterprise

planned to achieve a particular aim;  verb: to promote  
REHAB /ˈriːhab/verb: rehabilitate or restore

Run and created by Katerina Marsounova,M.A., the idea of Project Rehab was born in 2015 somewhere between Amsterdam, Thailand and Prague with the aim of REHABILITATION: from mass, uniform and careful fashion, into unique, statement and one of a kind pieces with some balls.  
We are now based in Prague where we design and paint all our collections.  Our production site where all our garments are made is located in the eastern part of Czech Republic.  We source all our materials and fabrics, including our paints, from within the European Union - we love to do everything local but with international clients in mind.  
It is true, we started as custom service for sneakers and clothes.  But soon after we added our ready-to-wear collections in 2019, our wildest dreams came true and we got to see Rehab walking the streets of major fashion cities all over the world - like Tokyo, L.A., Milan or Sydney.  
And what was the ultimate historical and revolutionary moment for our brand? In 2017, special rubber 3D paints that are used on all pieces were developed.  Rehab paints can be washed and never change color nor fade out.  (<- this is the most important part.)