Hello, we are  

PROJECT /ˈprɒdʒɛkt/noun: an individual or collaborative enterprise

planned to achieve a particular aim;  verb: to promote  
REHAB /ˈriːhab/verb: rehabilitate or restore

Our main focus on private custom-made fashion designs evolved into a collection of ready-wear that presents a fusion of own handmade splatter paint designs & high quality textiles.  
We do what we do so you & your loved ones can feel unique, motivated and comfortable while wearing our designs. 

We love to customise our designs with adding more colours and personal message/writing (it's ideal for spreading love & motivation forward). Just email us for more information <3 

With over a hundred hours spent on testing the paint in different conditions and finally mixing the right potion & with over a hundred of Project Rehab's designs already walking the streets of Europe, Asia and America we are happy to say that all our designs are washable on 30° & the paint will last for ages and ages.